Monday Morning Procrastination

“Oh hey Monday” – said no one ever.

Actually, I’m going to refute this for a moment. First, throughout high school, I actually loved Monday’s because it meant I got to see my friends again, and I honestly really enjoyed school. Now though, as a college student, when I don’t have class every day, or even all day, I consider Monday’s a curse. A burden of enjoying a fun, or maybe just exhausting, weekend and then on Sunday, at some point, you snap back to reality. The reality is that I have so much work to do this week and it all starts with Monday. And since I’m the queen of procrastination, I always decide to do other important things instead of the mountains of work I have to do. 

Procrastination – an interesting concept. To me, procrastination is literally just doing anything and everything you can to avoid doing whatever it is you should be doing. As I’ve been progressing through my education, my procrastination has gotten worse. Somehow though the work always gets done. This just happened last week actually. I had this huge counseling transcript project to do, and naturally I had started it, but never got super far. We had to counsel someone (roommate, friend, etc.) for 30 minutes about a nutrition problem, and record it (voice recording). Afterwards, we had to transcribe the entire session into a word document (THIS TOOK HOURS!!!!). We then had to do a follow up session of about 15 minutes and do the same thing. When all this was done, and the whole session was in the document, we had to identifying the statements that we, as the counselor, had made. Naturally, I stayed up until 2 am to finish this part of the project. It was due Monday morning, online, in a drop-box at 8 am. The papers that we had to turn in with it we could turn in later in the day when we had time to drop them off. So I didn’t turn those in until after 11 because of class. Did I mention I also had an exam at 8 am that morning too? Yeah so that was a fun day! 

After this novel, anyone can realize that I need to work on my procrastination, and not do it anymore. It’s so bad, and it only creates stress and a whole mess of other issues. But here we are, I have a mountain of work due this week, and yet I’m writing this post.

Happy Monday.


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