Adventure Time in Columbus

This past weekend I road-tripped with my friends about 6 hours to the infamous Columbus, OH in the hopes our beloved Lions wouldn’t get blown away. All the game itself was actually quite painful, the experience was still fun. I mean how could it not be. We had a car packed full (5 people what up) and set out on our journey. Met up with the other car (because this is equally as important). We jammed out in the car to the most random collection of music, which ended with Christmas music. (let me interject real quick about Christmas music…IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN YET…THIS IS WRONG!!!). The Christmas music was actually the most painful part. But here are some highlights from that drive to Columbus:

  • finding out we had to drive through part of West Virginia. We were actually really confused because we honestly (stupidly) didn’t know there was that sliver of the state between PA and OH when driving towards Columbus.
  •  trying to find a liquor store for our 21+ needs. We didn’t stop on the way out, and why would we? There would be plenty of chances to buy some later on. But we realized that by the time we would get to the hotel there wouldn’t be a liquor store open. So we got off the highway multiple times to try and find one. Eventually my one roommate stopped and asked someone outside a restaurant. This lady looked like she knew EXACTLY where the liquor store would be. And turns out she did! So we took care of that.
  • We got lost in Columbus! To be fair the exit the GPS told us to take was closed for construction, so we had to take a different one. But then we were driving in circles around Columbus until we could find the hotel. So that was an adventure.

Eventually we all ended up in the hotel to hang out and have a good night. 


The next morning I got harassed through text messages from my parents about the game. I am a Penn State fan, my family are Ohio State fans. So naturally, I got pictures and videos from my mom basically saying GO BUCKS! …NO…

But other than that there really weren’t any comments direct AT us specifically. People would make comments about Penn State in general, but never ones that were directed at us personally. If there was one thing that was clear, though, its that those fans sure HATE Michigan. Which means that they should like us because we beat Michigan. Anyway, the more the night went on and the drunker people became, the more comments that began to fly. But still nothing bad. 

The game was…fun? I’m not sure. Like I had a good time, but at the same time it was incredibly painful to watch. I felt so bad for those boys down there because they were trying and trying, and well Braxton Miller shit on us basically. However, I learned a bit about the difference between Penn State’s student section and Ohio State’s (and most other schools for that matter). 

  • Penn State is crazy! We go nuts throughout the ENTIRE game, not just on 3rd downs. Something exciting happens, we scream. The end! I was a little disappointed in the excitement level of the student section. Maybe it’s because we were in the nosebleed seats on the other side of the stadium, but it didn’t even seem like anyone wanted to be there.
  • There was supposed to be a scarlet out (even though the athletes were told pink), but still people didn’t participate. Sorry but have you seen a white out? It only looks cool if everyone does it.
  • We camp out in tents (and by we I mean some people, not everyone) and have to show up to games super early (especially big games) if we want good seats for the game. We are guaranteed a seat, just not a specific one. But OSU has reserved seats. Each ticket you buy has a specific seat number. To me that’s just weird, but I’m used to the Penn State way of student tickets. 
  • It was also kind of weird that there really weren’t tailgates, but that is because they are smack dab in the middle of the city and don’t have the space for it. That’s no ones fault, it’s just the way it worked out.


(^^My view of the stadium on Saturday night)

Other than the awful, awful game I witnessed. I had a great time in Columbus, and it was something that I would do again in a heart beat. Maybe besides the terrible win OSU had. Yikes.


Until next time my friends…


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