I don’t normally write posts that are, for lack of a better term, bitchy. I like to use my posts to reflect on different areas of my life as well as to bring new information or sides of a situation to the light. Basically, I like to think. This morning I went on Facebook to see the link to a friend’s blog post that she had linked to her page so that others can read it. This post brought something very important to my attention: that many people lack professionalism.

The original post consisted of emails sent between two individuals. One individual was bringing about a concern with a specific article. The response this individual received lacked professionalism. Although it is merely my opinion, and the way people read anything on the internet can be different than the intention, it is clear that the wording was not the best way to go about responding. 

The comments this blog post received are from different sides, and different angles of the post. However, many of the comments are rude. There is a way to convey your opinion professionally. POSTING LIKE THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Posting in caps lock is like screaming, and can be seen as a personal attack. If you’re quoting a portion of a different post, put that in quotation marks. 

Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion, that’s what makes it an opinion. However, conveying that opinion in a professional manner is important. By slowing down and thinking about what you’re saying shows self-control, and also can help prevent regrets later. 

Professionalism is something that is expected in all careers and in all aspects of life. Although I am in my early twenties, I believe that I can conduct myself in a professional manner, and have discussions about a particular topic, regardless of if we agree. There is a difference between an argument with finger pointing, and a discussion where people can understand the other person’s perspective.

People please, conduct yourself in a professional manner! Social media is included in this plea.