Story Of My Life Song Review

SOML single album artwork – I do not take any credit for this. All rights go to Modest Management and One Direction

In honor of Music Wednesday, I have decided to do another song review off of the newest One Direction album Midnight Memories.

The second single to come off the album and make a splash was none other than the amazing Story Of My Life. Following their first single off the album (Best Song Ever see my review of that song here), it was a nice change of pace with a deeper, not necessarily realized, meaning. SOML has a slower pace to it. Pair it with acoustic guitar, with softer drum beats and it’s absolutely amazing. The vocals and harmonies are something different compared to the not so easily heard harmonies in BSE.

Now let’s talk about the video (then we’ll get to what I think it means). This video had more of an emotional appeal to it. It brought out the boys softer side due to their families being involved in the music video. I thought that was a nice touch to bring out the meaning of the song. If you haven’t clicked on the first link and seen the video the premise is that the boys recreated childhood pictures. They wore the same clothing (or at least types of clothing), had the same people, and did the exact same poses. I’ve seen pictures like this done all over Pinterest, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it done in a music video.

The whole video really brings out the meaning of the song. Some people say SOML is about a girl, others it’s about growing up and falling apart or something (yes I did just make that up). To me, this song is about how even when you aren’t there, life keeps going on. You can see it when Louis and his grandparents recreate their picture. He may not be around, and his life story is continuing, but that doesn’t mean that everything else is changing around it. And those moments that the boys do get to spend with their families and close friends during their times off, it feels like time is frozen because they’re trying to snapshot those moments and make them last forever.

This song speaks volumes to me. I’m in college, not spending a ton of time with my family. But that doesn’t mean their lives don’t continue on. It makes you appreciate all the moments you do get to spend with them, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

How do you identify with this song?


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