My Take on Fashion

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m a fashionista extraordinaire. Because I’m not. I like to think that I do have some sort of fashion sense, but even still, sometimes I steal the look of the mannequin. I’m a frequenter of Pinterest, and I love pinning a ton of different outfits and accessories. Including outfits that I may not even be able to pull off. I just love it.

Since 2012, I’ve been working on and off (meaning while I’m home and not at school) at New York and Company. I absolutely LOVE working there. The only problem is that staring at the merchandise makes me want to buy it…all of it. Working there has taught me more about fashion, and helped me develop my own style, that is complete with so many items from NY&C that it isn’t even funny.

Anyway, here’s my feeble attempt at what I think every woman should own and tips to developing your very own style.

10 items that I believe ever woman should own:

  1. a pair of black dress pants – I don’t think the cut really matters (straight leg, ankle, wide leg, boot-cut, etc.) but you never know when you’re going to need a to dress business professional, and need a pair of dress pants
  2. a white blouse – again, I think this one and the black pants are similar. A white blouse – that fits well – can turn any outfit into a little more professional. Pair it with dress pants and you’re business professional!
  3. a blazer – preferably black (but white would work too). The blazer should fit you well, and you should be able to fit a blouse under it (maybe for a job interview – for example).
  4. at least 1 pair of sensible heels – I have my favorite heels that I wear for so many special occasions that it isn’t even funny. But heels are an easy way to dress up an outfit (including denim!!!) Plus sometimes it’s fun to wear heels!
  5. a good pair of jeans – again I don’t think the cut matters. It should be a pair that you’re comfortable in. Denim pairs well with sooooo many different tops, jackets, shoes, and accessories that having a good pair is important.
  6. a fun pair of flats – these can be any color. Maybe you’ve always wanted a pair of cheetah print flats, or bright red. Flats pair really well with skinny jeans (of all colors!)
  7. a pair of boots – whether it be riding boots or ankle boots. Boots are a great winter shoe (if you live somewhere where it doesn’t get cold I would get a fun pair of sandals – not flip flops…sandals!). They can be paired with skinny jeans, leggings, tights and a dress. It’s up  to you, but they’re warm and cute!
  8. that one piece of jewelry that you love – whether this be a statement necklace, a ring, or that pair of earrings that you wear with every outfit. Jewelry can make a woman feel sexy and really pull an outfit together. So find that one piece!
  9. a little black dress – I wouldn’t make it so little that your booty is hanging out, but a classy LBD. It’s something that every woman needs. Find a black dress that makes you feel sexy. If you’re feeling bold finish off your look with some bright red lipstick!
  10. and finally….a simple white t-shirt – a white tee is an easy piece to find, but it’s also so necessary. Pair it with some denim for a casual look, or you can layer it with other colors to create dimension.

Obviously everyone’s list is a little bit different, but this is just what I’ve learned and think!

And finally, if you’re trying to develop your own style (as I have tried..and only possibly achieved….) I usually go for finding pieces that I not only LOVE, but that also look good on me. Wearing clothes should make you feel sexy, not frumpy. I’m personally in love with colored pants. I’m not even kidding, there’s about 6 different colored pants (not including regular denim and dress pants) in my closet. Colored pants are fun, and I buy a lot of tops that I can wear with a few different color pants. Ensuring that items can be paired together increases the likeliness of you wearing them. 

If you can’t picture yourself wearing a piece of clothing, pair of shoes, or an accessory…DON’T BUY IT! If you can’t picture yourself wearing it, odds are you won’t and it might turn into wasted money, and just taking up space in your closet.


I hope that what I have said is helpful for some people. Are you looking for fashion ideas?! Head on over to Pinterest! There’s an entire category entitled women’s fashion! Or check out this board that has TONS of pins of clothing on it


Until next time my friends.


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