Let’s Get Rid of the R-Word

Long time no post. And I seriously mean a long time. My apologizes. A crazy amount of things have happened since the beginning of February, including THON (although this is not the time for me to spend forever talking about that). 

I’ve seen so many posts that talks about the severity of the R-word and how it makes those who are mentally handicapped feel. I know plenty of people who use this word on a daily basis. And even though I am, by most standards, normal..this word offends me. I’ve seen many children (and even adults) who are not as lucky as I am. But they doesn’t make them any less happy.

The R-word is serious word. It holds the same connotation as the word “faggot”. Another word that offends me, although I am 100% straight, but I know and are friends with people who are gay. Both of these words are not okay to say. They are offensive. And although many of us have grown up saying these words, we need to realize the implications that these words have on others.

I found this post through a friend on Facebook, and it is what sparked all of these thoughts (again!). Those whole thing just goes back to the phrase “Think before you speak!” 


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