101 Things To Do Before You Settle Down In Your 20s


Thought Catalog

1. Learning how to cook something besides ramen noodles and eggs.

2. Discovering what “truffle salt” is, and the magic it creates.

3. Making elaborate, delicious dinners for one, and not feeling like it’s a waste.

4. Throwing a surprise party for someone you care about.

5. Tasting tons of different wines, and finding out which one you actually like the most.

6. Buying yourself a big pizza, eating as much of it as you want, and not feeling like you’re a bad person for it.

7. Learning to ride a bike.

8. Riding a bike in the city.

9. Stretching.

10. Buying flowers for yourself.

11. Owning a plant without accidentally killing it.

12. Owning an animal (even a hamster) and caring for it well.

13. Seeing how much exercise you can get done without actually “working out.”

14. Popping a bottle of champagne for a special occasion and…

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