Guess who’s back, back again…

I’m baaaaackkkk!!!

After a brief couple month hiatus from everything real, I’m back and really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and feelings online again. Let’s see what has happened since April. Um… let’s break it down a little bit.


1. I graduated from college!!!!

Yup you read that right. I am a college graduate. It’s still weird. Now it’s just a little bit depressing because everyone else is going back to school and I’m sitting in an apartment with my grandma not doing that.


2. I got a big girl job!!!!!

This is actually way more exciting than it sounds. I’m in love with my job! I’m learning so much about everything, and I work with some of the most amazing people. Plus I get to wear cute office clothing, including heels. I think my feet hate me.


3. I moved out!!!

Well sort of. Since I live with my grandma I only really moved out of my parents house. But never fear, in the months to come I’ll be moving out on my own permanently.


4. I’ve obsessed over music and celebrities like normal!!!

This really isn’t anything new or exciting, but it’s what I’ve been doing since April so it was fitting to share.


Nothing else has really happened. I’m happy to be back and explore blogging and writing again. Blogging is fun and exciting, and I’m really going to work to post at relatively consistent intervals. But we all know that life happens, and sometimes this takes a  backseat. But regardless, welcome back to this life journey!


All my love! xx


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